Chlorine makes ill

Juni 1995
A study based upon the Greenpeace study "Body of Evidence - the effects of chlorine on human health", published by Greenpeace Germany, Hamburg
Winfried Schwarz

The study provides an overview of the developmental and reproductive disturbances that have been found to be connected to the hormone-like effects of chlorinated organic compounds. It further examines the role of chlorinated organic compounds in carcinogenesis, and in damage to the nervous and immune system and to liver and kidneys. The findings in humans on which the study is based concern both occupationally exposed individuals and the general public.

Epidemiological studies, animal experiments, experimental laboratory studies and theoretical studies on the structure-activity relationships of chlorinated organic compounds have yielded a wealth of indications and evidence that the group of chlorinated organic substances harbors a high health-endangering and ecotoxicological potential. Among other factors, this is due to the effects of the introduction of chlorine upon the structural chemistry of organic molecules.