Welcome at Öko-Recherche

Öko-Recherche is an independent environmental research institution and consultancy located in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Since its foundation in 1995, Öko-Recherche has been working on issues related to environmental protection, chemical safety and climate protection at national as well as international level.

Ozone depleting substances, fluorinated greenhouse gases and alternatives

We are specialists for fluorochlorinated and fluorinated substances in various applications, their replacement and emission reductions. Over the years we have become experts on mass flow analyses and scenario-making for related matters.


Latest publications

HFKW nach dem Kigali-Beschluss – weltweite Reduktion erfordert Alternativen

April 2018, Dr. Felix Heydel, Julia Kleinschmidt

Deutschland erfolgreich beim Phase-Down, HFKW-Verbrauch auf 84 Prozent gesenkt!

January 2018, Kristina Warncke
Frankfurt am Main, Germany