Implementation of the EU regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases) and ozone depleting substances (ODS) in Bulgaria

German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nucelar Safety
Heat International
January 2015 - March 2016

One of the most important measures of the recently introduced European f-gas regulation is the so-called “phase-down” that aims to limit HFC quantities. The HFC amounts, measured in CO2-equivalents that are available on the European market will be reduced step by step, which presumably leads to rising HFC prices. Altogether, a market orientation towards refrigerants with low global warming potential is to be expected.

As Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, the country is now legally bound to apply the European f-gas regulation and implement it into national legislation. This concerns in particular the EU regulations 842/2006 – 12/2014, 1005/2009 as well as 517/2014 (starting with 01/2014).

The overall objective of this project is to enable the relevant Bulgarian actors to effectively and efficiently implement and enforce the EU regulations on F-gases and ODS. During a study trip to Germany and two workshops, knowledge and experiences will be exchanged and the acceptance and implementation of replacing technologies in Bulgaria will be improved. Furthermore, monitoring and inspection processes of the placing on the market of F-gases and ODS as well as of products that contain these substances will be practiced together with the Bulgarian actors. Several guidelines will be developed with the intention to support Bulgaria in refining legislation and administrative regulations, certification processes, education and training programmes as well as the reporting system for monitoring emissions, in order to reach the objectives of the EU regulations on F-gases and ODS.