Environmental policy

Öko-Recherche is committed to creating a more sustainable future. Beyond research and policy support, we want to contribute to sustainable development of the economy and society in our areas of activity. We are therefore constantly working on integrating responsible behaviour into our day-to-day work. We invite our employees to play an active role in corporate social and environmental responsibility, and to make suggestions for possible improvements.

We have implemented numerous initiatives for environmentally responsible behaviour, including:

  • Location: Our office is centrally located in Frankfurt's “Bahnhofsviertel”, 10 min walk distance from Frankfurt main station. This also enables our partners who visit us in our office to travel in a climate-friendly way. We only use public transport, bicycles or walking for our daily commute.
  • Mobility: We avoid business trips by prioritizing virtual meetings; when travel is necessary, we take the train whenever possible.
  • Finances: We chose a green, cooperative bank and sustainable investments for our business accounts. Our bank allows us to invest exclusively in social, ecological, and sustainable projects and follows ethical banking principles focused on social and environmental impact.
  • Procurement: We don't just consider office products' functionality. We prioritize sustainability, sourcing fair trade coffee, organic milk, and cleaning products from local companies. We also look for the eco-label "Blue Angel" on our purchases, ensuring they meet high environmental standards.
  • Energy: We purchase electricity from an eco-energy provider, Ökostrom (Grüner Strom Label), which allows us to lower our emissions compared to conventional energy providers. Further measures to save energy at our company include using LED lighting, switchable power strips to reduce standby power consumption, and regular awareness training of the team concerning energy-efficient behaviour.
  • Waste: We avoid waste as much as possible and promote recycling. This includes minimizing paper usage throughout our processes, which reduces our environmental impact.
  • Catering: When organising and conducting workshops and events, we choose a caterer that offers regional products, vegetarian and vegan food.

 We value a socially responsible corporate culture:

  • Diversity: We promote diversity by having an international team and are committed to combating discrimination in recruitment and everyday work.
  • Independency and flexibility: We enable our employees to work independently and flexibly by accommodating remote work, if possible.
  • Appreciation and respect: These two are core values that we live by. This includes giving the team opportunities to help shape the company.