Environmental policy

We consider the incorporation of environmental and climate protection in our daily work via resource efficiency, consistency and sufficiency as mandatory for contributing to a sustainable development. These approaches affect all activity areas at Öko-Recherche. We therefore call on our employees to actively participate in corporate environmental protection and to make suggestions for improvements.

Environmentally responsible behaviour is already implemented in various areas:

Mobility: Our office is centrally located in Frankfurt's “Bahnhofsviertel” close to the main train station. For the daily commute, we use public transport or bicycle. Business trips are avoided by using modern communication technologies and made by train whenever possible.

Finances: We chose a green, cooperative bank and sustainable investments for our business accounts.

Procurement: When purchasing, we seek for environmentally friendly products from small local companies, such as recycling paper and office equipment, which are awarded the eco-label “Blue Angel”. For example, we buy organic milk, fair trade coffee and eco-friendly cleaning detergents. We limit our consumption to a minimum.

Energy: We purchase electricity from an eco-energy provider. Further measures to save energy at our company include gradual conversion to integrated LED lighting, the introduction of switchable power strips to reduce standby power consumption and regular awareness training of the team concerning energy-efficient behaviour.

Waste: We reduce, separate and recycle waste as much as possible.

Catering: When organising and conducting workshops and events, we choose a caterer providing regional products, vegetarian and vegan food.